20. The Truth about The False Light!

Meditation and False ProphetsThis is probably the most important article I have written to date and it is longer than usual, but please stick with me, especially if you are a spiritual person, healer, light worker or someone who works with Angels and Ascended Masters.

I recently read an article that was talking about the false light and transcending duality. By duality, we mean good and evil, light and dark. This particular article was warning about the false light, meaning fake light beings, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. This has caused a lot of confusion and has created a negative perception of the genuine light beings, which will upset the ascension process if not corrected quickly. Certain people have said many times than we have been tricked by the darker forces, the corrupt demiurge to choose a side, either light or dark. These people also say that the light is merely an illusion being controlled by the dark and that light workers are being used in negative ways.

Unfortunately, this is true in some cases, and I have been aware of it for the last decade. I did let my students at the time know that they needed to be very careful who they let teach or heal them and who they listened to. But I didn’t share it en masse before as I was advised not to in my morning meditations. People need to learn discernment because then, only those that practise discernment and self-cleansing daily will be allowed to ascend to the higher levels of enlightenment. This is important because as we ascend, we reactivate more and more of our DNA and creator god GNA, hundreds and thousands of them, not just 12 strands. And this makes us very powerful and that power needs to go to the right people. People who can control themselves and who walk their talk, those without inflated egos and hidden agendas.

The problem with the article I was sent by a concerned student, was it gave the impression that the light were totally false and this is definitely not the case. The Devil may come dressed as an Angel is closer to the truth. That means that if you work with light beings, you must make sure they are not intruders pretending to be the light and rest assured, these imposters are very clever. For years, even decades, false information has been fed into the various systems created to aid ascension of our planet.

There have been people channelling this Ascended Master or Archangel so and so, giving us hope and saying they love us, but not much has really changed in many cases. These channels believe they are sharing the truth but unfortunately the have been duped in some cases.  The thing is, all of this is allowed by our Creator as he/she knows we need to be tested in order to attain, we need to learn in order to evolve. These channellings have just given people false hope in many cases. I have never felt drawn to listen to people who channel and I even do it myself, but I am extremely self-aware and cleanse my energy field and psychic filters daily.

I take my mission as a spiritual teacher and messenger very seriously, and my gut feeling never lets me down. Years ago, I began to get beings that looked like the light coming to me but they were telling me stuff that just didn’t feel right, so I started to use my Crystal Ki nets to pass through them with the intention that if they were going to give me false information or were not for my highest good, that they would be removed and taken to Source (the 1st Source and Centre of ALL Creation) to be dealt with as appropriate.

The higher frequency light beings communicate with a warm telepathic connection, their energy is not cold, and they do not tell you what to do or judge anyone. Beware of hearing voices with your ears, these can be tampered with energetically. It is always best to work in 3’s and compare notes if you want to get to the Divine Truth. This is why it is important to learn to self-cleanse using mediation or healing, especially if you are teaching or you are a speaker who is channelling. So be careful and trust your gut feeling, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right, so ignore them and tell them where to go. They are weak, you are strong, remember that.

We need to transcend duality by understanding that there really is no dark and light, there is only different shades of light. The so called dark on this planet and in the Universe for that matter are merely the manifestation of our shadow aspects. Our dark thoughts and feelings, fear, hatred, anger, judgement and so on, that we hold deep in our subconscious are what creates the atrocities in our world. Of course, if we cleanse our minds and bring in more love, peace, trust and so on, that too will be reflected in the world around us, so what are we waiting for? We are ALL responsible for the so called darkness we see in our world and we are the ones who need to act to clean it up.

Apparently it only takes the square root of 1% of the population of the planet to make a positive shift in the physical realm, that’s only 8500 people approximately; so please share this and help The Crystal Ki Foundation work towards making the difference needed to change the world for the better.

In order to help everyone do just that, I created an MP3 to remove the negative belief in the corrupt forces, New World Order, conspiracy theories, secret societies and so on. Even if you are not consciously aware of them, it is likely you have their frequencies in your consciousness on some level. It is only $15.99 in the shop on my web site www.crystalki.com

It is our responsibly to stop being sheeple, to stop following false idols, to wake up and to learn tap into the Source of ALL Creation through our own Divine heart centre, then and only then will we be truly on track. We need to stop blaming the dark for the dreadful things going on in our world and look to what is causing it, our own minds. The truth hurts but it also sets you free…..

With love and blessings

Janine Regan-Sinclair

2nd August 2014

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