2. How We Unintentionally Share Fear

Mindfulness and FearToday I received a warning message that explained how women were being deceived and potentially lured into situations where they could be raped. I won’t go into more depth as I would rather not spread fear, and this blog explains why I didn’t pass the message on and that maybe we should think twice before sharing negative information via social media.

It’s Easter Monday and most women have spent the last couple of days thinking about family, children, and Easter eggs.  Because of the message in question, their thoughts have been diverted to the fear of rape.

All of the great visionaries have taught us that we attract what we think about and we live in a state of either fear or love.  We are similar to huge magnets attracting what we focus on the most.  Therefore, has this warning saved other women from being raped, or has it created a fear entity to be released into the mass consciousness?  Possibly both, but the latter is inevitable, as fear attracts more fear. Spiritual teachings inform us that if your soul has chosen for you to experience a trauma of this nature, then that is what will probably happen, whether it’s today, next week, or next year.  Some say we have to accept our fate and there is no escaping our it and whether this is true or not isn't important.

By directing the thoughts of many to the subject of rape, not only installs and creates more fear energy and may even create more attacks (we attract what we think about).  That being said, I feel that the person who sent this message has a beautiful heart and believes they are helping, but if they really understood how the matrix of reality actually works, they would have been wiser to have asked their Higher Self for guidance first, and then decided not to press send.

The thing is this was probably an isolated incident, and even if it happened more than once, the poor victims will be experiencing what has happened to them because their soul chose this.  Terrible as it may seem, we are all here by choice and some souls do have to bear some horrendous trauma as part of their journey.  My heart goes out to the victims of this sort of crime, and indeed any crime, but the energy used to send out the warning may have been better spent saying a prayer for the perpetrators to be caught quickly, and for the victims to receive the care and attention they require.

To conclude, sometimes we need to hold back and allow our Higher Self to guide us before we act.  That way we can be guided to spread healing and light rather than more fear.

With love and blessings

Janine Regan-Sinclair

1st april 2013

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