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Janine Regan-SinclairHi, my name is Janine Regan-Sinclair; I’m an intuitive Therapist/Healer, Author, Qualified Teacher and  Speaker. I'm also an NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, but my treatments involve a combination of all of these skills. I also produced and hosted an internet radio show called Cosmic Truth.

In 2003, I developed a new energy realignment system called Crystal Ki Healing and I created the 21 Day Mind Detox. I teach workshops and I am currently helping people overcome trauma and have created a set of Post Traumatic Growth audios to help with PTSD and Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI).

I'm the founder of The Crystal Ki Foundation, not for profit. I have published four books to date and some of my other products are listed in the menu at the top of the page.  If you need help with Weight Loss, finding the Perfect Partner, Money or Abundance issues or even Spiritual Growth, then these Mp3’s are perfect for you. Profits from my sales go towards the Foundation Fund, so I thank you in advance for your support.

Visit The Crystal Ki Foundation to make a donation.

I was a clairvoyant child but closed it down when I attended secondary (High) school as I wanted to fit in; but I went through a major trauma in 2001 and it all came back to me. I started to sense and feel the other realms again and my life changed forever. You can find out more about this in my first book, ‘The Angel, the Witch & the Warrior.

I am not a religious person but I am spiritually awake and hope to share with the world the beauty of working towards raising both consciousness (mind) and vibration (body) and to share the techniques I have been fortunate enough to learn on my travels. I love astral travelling, and this is reflected in my other books as they are fictional adaptations of my adventures with Archangel Michael, but they also contain a lot of relevant information, namely Soul implants (Book 2), the all new Crystal Ki Map of Consciousness (Book 3) and insight into the first 58 Strands of our Spiritual DNA (Book 4).

If you have experience me and my work in some way, please leave a comment below as your feedback is important to help others make choices.  By simple asking God, the Universe, the Infinite Being or whatever you believe to be the Source of creation to bless the rain every day, you are making a difference that really counts, because that means everyone is being blessed with holy water when it rains. It really is that simple to make a difference.

With love and blessings

Janine Regan-Sinclair


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  1. Stardove Moon
    5 years ago

    After hearing Janine last night on Blog Talk Radio I purchased her MP3s. I really enjoyed what Janine had to say, and I’m ready to dive into the transformation which will happen when I listen to the downloads. Thanks Janine for sharing your gifts! Peace Love Stardove

  2. garry dixon
    5 years ago

    Hi Janine hope you are well, i am looking forward to your new mp3 set.i have loved working with you, i am so grateful for the work you have done on Sinaed the 21 Day Mind Detox has taken Sinaed out of herself she was on BBC news, ITV news SKY news radio, she now wants to help other people in the same position. Look forward to seeing you soon all the best Garry.

  3. Jan Drake Bakke
    5 years ago

    I have listened to Janine several times on Blogtalkradio Show with Jethro Smith and she is amazing!! Just her voice and presence is healing. I have listened to her FREE mp3 download of Crystal Ki on poverty consciousness meditation and visualization and it is so powerful. I will listen to this everyday as a regular part of my meditation and prayer work. I immediately feel a clearing in my entire being. My mind feels so much clearer and I feel calmer in general. My body feels lighter. I am so pleased with this. I highly recommend listening to Janine’s beautiful words and discovery. She is remarkable. Thank you Janine for sharing this with us and the world. You are a true angel and lightworker. God bless you!!!! x

  4. Stan Kestrel
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for the reading last night on the Curious Times Radio show! You were an inspiration to all of us who were listening.

  5. Sue Hawcutt
    5 years ago

    I would like to say how powerful and effective the Janine Regan-Sinclair mp3’s Books and Crystal Ki courses are. The best tools and advice ever! Huge thanks to her for the invaluable help. Love Sue

  6. Nancy O'Fraley
    5 years ago

    I first learned of Janine from a facebook page and liked what she had to say. I was lead to her MP43 – Limiting beliefs recording and I must say that things are starting to improve for me. It is my understanding that over our lifetime or lifetimes even, we have subconscious beliefs that we aren’t good enough or that we can’t receive or aren’t worthy of abundance. I believe this recording is helping me to eliminate programming that is keeping me from reaching my full potential. Thanks, Nancy

  7. Maria Moore
    5 years ago

    This lady is truly amazing. I did a level 1 & level 2 Crystal Ki course some time ago with Janine. It was truly inspiring, I learned so much, especially about removing negative energy a technique which I still use all the time. The releasing poverty consciousness MP3 is amazing and so very powerful.Thank you so much for all you do Janine, bless you. Much love xxx

  8. Patsy Cahill
    5 years ago

    Crystal Ki healing is just so amazing! I’ve been on a spiritual path of awareness, development and enlightment for 18 years now and was already a practising Spiritual and Reiki healer but this is so different. I first met Janine at a lecture/workshop of hers and my whole being was buzzing with excitement – it felt so honest and simple yet worked on a lot more layers than we normally think about or deal with or heal. I got really good vibes from Janine and she seemed so nice (which proved to be true – she is an amazing lady!) so I signed up for the first workshop Level 1 training. It is so easy to use and with a script to work off. I also then did the training for Level 2 and Level 3. You just wouldn’t believe how many things it covers. Our past lives, shadow selves, lost or stuck soul fragments can be affecting us now which we can use the Crystal Ki for – it’s just so amazing. My health problems are so chronic that I think it’s a work in progress but have had some big improvements. Since my last healing with Janine (Skype treatment) I haven’t had to take any of my prescription pain killers (6 weeks now) and my whole body feels lighter, freer, calmer, happier, the energies are just so wonderful – I totally trust and believe in it. (I also did the animal healing and communication workshop training which was great!). I purchased all of Janines books which I couldn’t put down – I’ve purchased all Janines Mp3 programmes which I’m starting to work through – they are like guided meditations and healing session in one – so easy to use – I have high hopes! By now I’m sure you’ve realised that I’m a Janine fan. Yeah!!!!! Thanks Janine for everything and hope our journey together continues! Blessings. xxx

  9. Dawn
    5 years ago

    I have just spoken to Janine for the first time, when she kindly did a reading for me. She is a truly inspirational lady, and was so easy to talk to and extremely encouraging. I am now totally enthused for the future, and am looking forward to taking my first steps on my journey into using Crystal Ki energy. Thank you so much x

  10. Crystal O'Fate
    5 years ago

    Crystal Ki Healing Energy is amazing! Janine has worked for over 10 years developing the Crystal Ki Energy System. I have suffered from Migraine Headaches for approximately 40 years. She did a healing for me on the air over BlogTalk Radio Network. The energy from Crystal Ki is very gentle yet so effective! During the healing, I could actually feel the high vibrational energies! My head and entire body feels so much lighter and better!
    I am a Reiki II practitioner and can attest to the fact that Crystal Ki is wonderfully different and a much higher vibrational frequency healing modality. Janine is a truly unique individual that has been led to heal others, and is doing so almost 24/7. She and I share the same dream to bring healing to those who need it and are disadvantaged by poverty and circumstance. Please support her and The Crystal Ki Foundation to bring healing to the world! In Love & Light…Crystal O’Fate

  11. Garrick McFadden
    4 years ago

    I recently finished reading The Angel, the Witch & the Warrior. This is an intimate and powerful expression of all that which Janine Regan-Sinclair holds dear. This is an intense book for someone who is new to this path. The safety nets that other healers and teachers use, linking “new-age” beliefs with Christianity, Judaism, or Islam…are not found in this book. She shares personal stories and how her life has evolved for the better. At points I felt that she was speaking directly to me. Her trip to Sri Lanka, was a trip I had just recently taken. She discusses the dark-side of you, and she uses the story of a solicitor who abandons his dream of being an artist…same thing here. I am new on this journey…but this was the rawest book that I have read. I know it was personal for her, but it was also for me. I highly recommend it. To purchase, click this link… http://www.bookwhirl.com/Publishing/bookstore/title/132/the-angel-the-witch-amp-the-warrior.html

  12. Lou
    4 years ago

    The free poverty consciousness meditation is a powerful tool to assist the self in releasing negative beliefs and thoughts. These thoughts block our manifestation of abundance from the universe. I tried Janine’s meditation and found myself feeling lighter and refreshed. I, myself, have used guided meditation when working with clients. Thank you, Janine, for providing this tool for us all!

    Many blessings,

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Natalie Ledwell Best-Selling Author and Mind Movies Co-Founder
"I had the opportunity to receive a healing session from Janine through the internet from the other side of the world. Believe me, distance is not a barrier to being able to benefit from her amazing technique. Her insight and ability to identify and then heal whatever it is that is impeding your health and happiness in life is an incredible experience; Janine is truly a gifted woman."
Eric Henderson Event Organiser
"Janine Regan Sinclair has given many seminars at The Northstar Crystals Events over the last 5 years. She has spoken on a variety of topics to audiences ranging in size from 60 to 200 people. I have found her presentations to be very professional and undoubtedly the audiences feel the same way as the lecture room fills to capacity on her return visits. She will be speaking again at my future shows."
Lisa Burton UK
"Before my treatment I was very low and constantly going to the toilet for a pee. It felt like an irritation and I had about 15 urine infections in a year. Mum had died unexpectedly whilst we were all on holiday in America, and it had destroyed me both mentally and physically. I was constantly in tears and felt emotionally and physically drained. A friend recommended I contact Janine for treatment and it was the best thing I ever did. My life is back to normal and since the treatment I've not had any sign of infection. I feel so much happier with life and although still have sad times, Janine helped me come to terms with mum’s death and I feel like a new woman. I can't thank Janine enough, she was amazing"
Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles, MBE
"I have had the opportunity to meet many 'healers' over the course of my life and I believe that Janine is exceptional and that is why so many people, with a huge variety of physical and psychological issues go to her for help. She has an innate ability to get straight to the root of the issue, a rare gift."
Captain James Bradford Kelly Army
"I have researched and employed a variety of alternative therapies to help combat veterans cope with trauma. Janine’s audio recordings are a great resource for anyone wishing to improve their quality of life, whether they have suffered from a trauma or just want a positive boost. These recordings are very soothing to listen to and provide noticeable positive results in a short time frame."
Tina Sands Complementary Therapist, UK
"I have known Janine for a few years, her work and dedication amazes me!!! I have had several healing treatments, each one has removed plenty of ailments that have been affecting my life at the time. Some of which were linked to past lives, things that I had created to cause issues in this life. I have recently got married, started to feel uncomfortable about being called a wife. Also I did not like being called by my new married surname, after so many years of my maiden name. After my latest treatment, that fear has been removed, I can now admire my wedding ring, as well as my engagement ring, wear them both with pride! Bless you Janine, keep up the excellent work!!!"