8. Does everyone have a Soul?

SoulBlog 8 - I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine brought about by something she had heard on the internet. The information given was that people who are not awake, do not have a soul.  The term awake refers to someone who is spiritually aware as opposed to a person whose consciousness is merely based in the material third dimensional world.  These are referred to as ‘sleepers’; it isn’t a derogatory description by any means but it is a definition that would appear to label people in a negative way even though it is not meant to.

In the conversation she heard, the sleepers were referred to as red cells and those who are awake as white cells.  The reason I decided to share this with you is because when my friend was sharing this with me, she also told me that this particular person had said that these red cell people, the sleepers didn’t have a soul.  This did not resonate with either of us and we thought it needed to be clarified.  We decided to meditate together and ask for an explanation regarding this matter.

In order to get individual input, we tend to ask the same question, and then compare our answers.  Sometimes they differ; usually this happens when there are two or more different answers to the same question.  But on this occasion we both received the same response.

Before you start shouting ‘Come on Janine, what is the answer then?’  I must state that when receiving what is considered to be important information, it is always wise to have three people ask the same question and then to compare notes.  This is because we all have different filters and these can distort ‘Divine Truth’ as a result of our beliefs and conditioning.  That being said, we both knew that our filters are very clear and our connection is strong, as we are both in daily spiritual routines of cleansing our energy field and checking things are uninterrupted. Therefore we are confident that our findings are correct, but you must make up your own mind and trust what resonates in your heart rather than your head, for obvious reasons.

So, for those of you who are interested in what we were told, here it is…….

This comment is misguiding in that we all have a soul, but those of us who are still asleep don’t have a clear energetic connection to our soul.  Those that are awake do have that connection and many can feel or sense this guidance via their higher consciousness.  It is possible to be awake and to be disconnected from your Soul or Higher Self for  a few reasons, such as, your mind's eye (3rd Eye) may be blocked or there may something hidden you are not aware of. You may have blocked yourself as you are fearful of becoming too enlightened because in the past, you have been persecuted for this.

To say someone does not have a soul is very misleading as it sounds as if they are completely without a soul, rather than disconnected.  So there you have it, we all have a soul, including animals!

With love and blessings

Janine Regan-Sinclair

2nd May 2013

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