25. Is Free Will an Illusion?

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Free Will is something most of us believe we have, but maybe this isn’t the truth after all. In order to have free will, we need to be consciously aware of the choices we make, right? Well, that seems obvious, we make a choice and we either stick with it or we make another choice. But WE make the choice, or so we believe.

This has often been an issue for me as I have grown older and hopefully wiser, mainly because I for one have made choices in the past that I know were not for my highest good. At the time, I consciously felt they were not the right choices when I made them, but I went with them nevertheless. I was even angry with myself at times for making those choices. So why did I make them?

It’s a well-known fact that around 90% of our choices, decisions and behaviors are the result of what we have stored in our subconscious minds. This is the programmed part of the mind, similar to the software in a computer. The hard drive is the hard wired part of the mind known as the unconscious mind; the part that keeps our heart beating and our lungs breathing while we are fast asleep. The learned programs, beliefs and experiences are the subconscious software and can be fairly easily changed, these programs can be rewritten, habits broken and beliefs removed.

So why did I feel that my previously unwise decisions were somewhat beyond my control? Well, after many years of pondering and reading, listening and learning, realizing and so on, I eventually found an answer that resonated with me.

Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, scientists have been measuring the impulses in the brain in relation to the choices we make. They discovered that for as much as 6 to 10 seconds prior to us being consciously aware of our choice, there was noticeable brainwave activity. This proved that the subconscious is in control of our choices. So ask yourself this question – Do we have free will if the subconscious mind is telling the conscious mind what to do?

This also begs the question, should we be held responsible for our wrong doings or should they be seen as imminent consequential necessities in relation to the law of cause and effect. I’m not sure about the answer to that, but it’s a good topic for debate.

Virtually everything we experience up to the age of 6 or 7 years old is stored in our subconscious minds; our brainwaves make us sponges for absorbing information. Aristotle is quoted as saying, “Give me a child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man.” This is because the formative years are so important and can define our whole personality. So if you have children, think about what you feed their minds and bodies for that matter, it’s critical to their future.

Many Mystics, Prophets and Visionaries have taught us that our physical reality is illusory and that we are merely consciousness, spirits in a body having a physical experience. Therefore everything is an illusion created by the mind, including free will. Whether we believe this or not, I feel strongly, that we ought to be more compassionate to both ourselves and to others in the choices we make. They may hurt us and others, but the majority of them come from a place, we consciously have no control over, or so it would appear. Maybe, we really are just playing a part in what feels like a very real physical experience of the body, when in fact, it’s all just a pre-programmed illusion of the mind, perceived as reality.

Food for thought and thanks for reading my blog.

Janine Regan-Sinclair


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Feb 2017

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